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Cabinet of Curiosities

View Antique Navigation Instruments

Navigation Instruments

 Antique Compasses
 Sextants, Hourglasses
 Patinated wood, brass
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Architecture Models

 Patinated wood
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1. In the Europe of the sixteenth century, who didn't yet have the idea to order and preserve his memory, private inviduals began to collect all kinds of rare, strange or curious objects.
They often were aristocrats, sometimes monks or early modern scientists.
People came from all over the continent to see these objects that catched the popular imagination.
A new idea was born, preserve and exhibit the physical memories of mankind.
2. In the spirit of the cabinets of curiosities of the 16th century, Geodus created a collection of antique objects, worthy of curiosity .
3. The articles of our Cabinet of Curiosities are classified by family, price range and brand.
The left menu allows you to display directly these lists (eg, only items under 100€).
4. Most of our items are accurate reproductions of originals from the past.
5. All our products have been carefully selected for the beauty of their materials and their work (patinated woods).
6. Discounts are possible for large orders. Please contact us.