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Maps: the Geo-zones

View world maps

World Map

World map (all)
Children's world map
Map of UK from Klett-Perthes

Country Map

View country maps
City map of London from Klett-Perthes

City Map

London city map
Berlin city map
Paris city map
Other cities
Europe map from Klett-Perthes

Continent Map

Europe map
Africa map
America map
Asia map
Australia map
Scotland map from Albedo39

Region Map

UK regions map
Austria regions map
Italy regions map
Germany regions map

1. A map consists of a representation of a geographic zone (geo-zone), applied on a support.
2. Some maps are printed on both sides; one map on the front side, a second on the back side.
They are pointed out by the "2 maps" sign.
4. To choose a map, first select the geographical zone (geo-zone); world map, continent map (ex: Europe), country map, ...
5. A map may represent the countries (type: political map), the mountains and plains (type: physical map or relief-forms), the forests and the deserts (type: ground-vegetation map) or only the outlines (type: outline map).
World maps may also be of economical, climatic, children's or designer type.
6. Most of our multi-country maps (world maps, continent maps) are available in a variety of languages.
You can select the language on the item page.
The mono-country maps are, in general, only available in the country language or english (language = local). For example, the France map only exists in french.
7. Different map sizes are, in general, available for a given zone;
for example Africa physical exists in 1.55m x 2.05m (61'' x 81'') or 1.16m x 1.46m (46'' x 57'') ).
The relative size pictograms allow you the evaluate the size of the maps.
8. Many of our maps are available on 2 different supports; paper or laminated (writable and cleanable).
You can select the variant on the item page.
9. All of our maps are high quality products and are guaranteed. They are all politicaly up-to-date.
10.Discounts are possible for large orders. Please contact us.