Magnum 77 Globe Duorama

Magnum 77 Globe Duorama from Columbus.
LOUPE available.
Relative dimensions of the object compared to a person of 1,70m (67"). Small objects are on a table. diameter in cm and inch Illuminated Globe

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Brand:  Columbus       ( Ref: 217782 )

Illuminated globe:  yes  (internal cable)

Diameter sphere:  77 cm  (31 in.)
Overall height:  125 cm  (49 in.)

Base in:  metal (steel)
Meridian in:  metal (steel)
Sphere in:  Plexiglas Heavy Duty
Lacquered Sphere:  yes  (multilayer, shiny)

Patience , experience and many hours of craftsmanship characterize the large globes of the MAGNUM serie .

Perfection in detail
The map is hand adjusted. To completely cover the sphere, 12 segments are hand-cutted, coated and stretched individually by 2 persons. Each segment covers the adjacent one on 1mm to ensure optimal recovery . After drying , the map is levelized and covered with two layers of marine varnish.

The forty hours of hand work needed for its production , the passion and unique expertise of our carpenters, fitters and cartographers make this very large globe an exceptional object .

This world globe exists in:  english  deutsch  français 
Cartography of the . Please click to see the other images.

More Images

The Duorama map.

The ground-vegetation * map shows the earth's surface with the rock-mountains, the forests, the cultivated zones, the savannas, the deserts and in white the polar areas or the glaciers.
The relief impression of the mountains and sea-beds are really astonishing.

This map offers a new vision of Earth, near to photographic mode.
To reinforce its glare, the Duorama map is exclusively hand adjusted.

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Paul Oestergaard created Columbus in 1909.
Torsten Oestergaard

Established 1909 in Germany, COLUMBUS is the oldest globe manufacturer in the World.

COLUMBUS quickly became and continue to be the World's best-selling line of luxury globes ( Chaplin chose in 1940 the Columbus globe "Die Erde" for his world famous film).
Popular features such as internal illumination (1948), dual-mapping (1955), the Day and Night Globe (1972) were all innovations introduced by Columbus globes.

While being innovators and leaders, Columbus is also focused on preservation of traditional globe manufacturing processes such as the exclusive mouth-blowing of crystal spheres and the hand laminating of cartography.

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Base: metal
Meridian: metal
Patience , experience and many hours of craftsmanship characterize the large globes of the MAGNUM serie .

Perfection in detail
The map is hand adjusted. To completely ...
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